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We provide very low price services(USD 5/hour) in web design,database developments and so on.Our capabilities includes HTML, D-HTML , JavaScript,Flash, PHP and MySql. etc.Our company was established specifically to meet the need for expert website design and development for commercial, non-profit and special applications.
The following services are our specialized preference:

  • Website design and web application development.

  • Web programming for corporations and entrepreneurs.

  • Other web related service like website maintenance and Flash development.

  • Project Outsourcing

We are successfully catering to the need of small businesses, professional associations and non-profit organizations. Your professionally designed website will establish your unique identity on the web, market your products or services and communicate with your clients.Your site can become the developer of reality of your dreams on the Internet. As your designer, we're just here to help create your web site visions with marketing and promotion as the keystone!

Small businesses, our specialty, are often on small budgets. Thus, our prices are also affordable. Even so, bear in mind that your website is an investment and will help your business grow.

Our prices are very reasonable and are based on the complexity of the work involved. Most small business sites range from $200 to $800. Sites with very complex database work or interactivity may cost more.

We also offer scripting services billed on a per-hour basis. Depending on the kind of work involved (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML, etc.) the rate varies from USD 5/hour

Over the past four years,china-on-site studio has been working for various clients,from international coperations to individuals, but they all hire us for the same reason - they know we'll get the job done with an extraordinary amount of care and dedication, and that our focus will always be on helping our clients meet their goals in the most sensible and cost-effective manner. (That's part of the headache-free focus - because the worst headaches come from missed goals and overshot budgets.) We're well versed in all the latest technologies, but we're also experienced technical and business people - and this means that we keep your company's business priorities in mind and use those fun new technologies and flashy techniques.

>>Project Outsourcing for web design companies

If you are a web development company or freelance designer, outsourcing some of your work can not only free up more of your time, but also give your the opportunity of expanding the number of Internet development services that you can offer to your clients.We can supply an excellent outsource solution. We provides creative resource management for clients in need of specialty graphic design and web design . We offer an array of services including graphic design, flash animation, graphics, and web design / web redesign. We believe like many of you that functionality is of great importance, but we like to have fun and be creative too.To outsource your jobs via this service is quick and secure, so secure that contract you've been chasing, be confident in stating to your client "yes, we can do that" and post your development request today. Advertising is free, and the quotes you'll receive for your contract will pleasantly surprise you in regards to quality and price,and most of the important---efficiency!

How do we benefit from outsourcing?
Outsourcing provides the following benefits:

  • Highly qualified people working on your projects without you having to pay huge salaries and benefits.

  • You can take up new projects without the fear of overburdening your staff or interfering with existing projects.

  • You can compete with others as you can provide the same services at a lower cost if required.

  • No fear of loosing your staff to the competition.

  • You do not require to spend on new equipment or software.

  • Low overheads, as fewer staff is required thus higher profits.

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