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An introduction to Chinese Literature

Listed below are classic stories from Chinese Literature. Do not fear! You will not need online degrees in Chinese in order to enjoy these beautiful tales. All of stories listed below have been converted to English for your viewing pleasure.

Classical Literature

Novel:The Monkey(The Journey to the West)

Tale of Water Margin  

The Peony Pavilion

The Romance of the Western Chamber

The Romance of Three Kingdoms

The Dreams of the Red Chamber

The Golden Lotus

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Yangtze River : The Wildest, Wickedest River on Earth : An Anthology

Culture and State in Chinese History : Conventions, Accommodations, and Critiques (Irvine Studies in the Humanities)

The Literature of China in the Twentieth Century

The Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature

The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Literature (Modern Asian Literature Series)

Reading Illustrated Fiction in Late Imperial China

The City in Modern Chinese Literature & Film : Configurations of Space, Time, and Gender

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